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We stay up-to-date with the latest trends impacting the telemetry industry. We are excited to share our expertise, provide valuable insight, and help you discover new technology solutions.




Best Source Selector vs Diversity Combiner
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BSS vs Combiner BER Comparison
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Nyquist & Intermediate Frequency Recording
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AM vs. AGC Auto-TrackingNetwork Centric E2E Solutions
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Network Centric E2E Solutions
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Adaptive Equalizer Performance Analysis
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An Overview of Telemetry over Internet Protocol (TMOIP)
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Real World Experiences with Network Centric Telemetry Systems
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Theoretical BER for Common Modulations
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Network Centric Flight Test Architectures
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High-Level Graphical User Interface to Streamline Mission Management of Dynamically Growing Data Transport Systems
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An Engineer’s Guide To TMoIP
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Series Connected Bit Synchronizers Need Sequentially Increased Loop Bandwidths
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Specifying and Evaluating PCM Bit Synchronizers
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WSI | What Makes Our Telemetry Recorders Advanced
5 The GDP Difference
GDP Space Systems Adaptive Equalization Overview
Acroamatic’s Telemetry Data Processing & Simulation Systems


Our customers are among the smartest people in the industry, literally Rocket Scientists. But the devil is in the details, and our training courses help you to be an expert in the details.

Whether it is hands-on training for our individual products, or in-depth training on current industry trends, we are here to help you. Our training courses are taught by industry’s leading experts with practical knowledge in their field.

Courses can be custom tailored to meet specific requirements and are offered at one of our company offices, or the client’s location of choice*. Courses offered include must are not limited to:

  • TDP Software Configuration: Bit Sync, Frame Sync, Decom Bit Synchronizer, EU Processing, and Best Source Selector Operation
  • Installation, Operation, and Understanding of Acroamatics’ Telemetry Data Processing Equipment
  • Telemetry Receiver Technology Training
  • Overview of Video and Video Compression
  • Telemetry over IP Tutorial
  • Basic Overview of Telemetry
  • TDP Intro & Advanced Product Training

*Course location depends on travel distance and size of the group.*

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