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Certified ISO9001:2015+AS9100D
Designed & Built in the USA | Used & Supported Worldwide
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GDP, a division of Delta Information Systems, is a leading manufacturer of ground telemetry products.

Our Company

We are based in the USA with our main offices in Horsham, PA. It has always been the philosophy at GDP to produce products that are cost-effective solutions to complicated ground telemetry requirements. Our product focus includes Data Acquisition and Data Transport products for our DoD and Commercial Customers.  We have been providing these products to our customers for over 40 years now. Our main focus has been on Quality as well as Support. Our work does not end when the product is delivered. We make sure that our customers are successful in the integration of our products into their applications. Along with our other 5 divisions we also provide complete end-to-end telemetry turnkey Data Acquisition, Data Transport, Data Recording, Data Processing & Data display system solutions.

Delta Information Systems - GDP

Our Technology & Products

GDP has always been on the cutting edge of technology.  Our products include Telemetry Receivers, Satellite & SGLS Modems, Bit Synchronizers, Best Source Selectors, Telemetry Gateways, Data Conversion & Distribution & Data Link Test Sets. Many of these products have become the Gold Standard in the industry.  Our software and complex FPGA based design has allowed us to lead in the field of ground telemetry for over 40 years.  GDP also recognizes that in our cutting edge business, no standard product can meet the needs of all users, so we are flexible enough to provide modified solutions to meet emerging needs which evolve into newer higher performing products for our industry.  FPGA technology and portable software allows us to meet these needs in a cost affective manor.

Our History

Systems containing our products are in use in a number of ranges, launch facilities, satellite development laboratories and at many ground stations around the world (Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop, General Dynamics, Honeywell, NASA & NOAA being some of the more prominent). We have grown significantly over the past 40 + years into a leading provider of Ground Telemetry Software and Hardware products.

Since our inception in 1972, when several engineers from Philco Ford started the company, GDP has been supplying products, engineering support and system solutions to DoD and Commercial customers in the area of telecommunications and telemetry.

Delta Telemetry Systems

Delta Telemetry Systems

In 1972, GDP became part of the Delta Telemetry Systems team. Together, we provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the telemetry and satcom communities, covering data acquisition to data display. We’re excited about the opportunities to deliver exceptional telemetry solutions worldwide.