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Certified ISO9001:2015+AS9100D
Designed & Built in the USA | Used & Supported Worldwide
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Wideband Systems

Wideband Systems designs, manufactures, and fields sophisticated ground telemetry recorders for the aerospace, communications, and intelligence marketplace.

Our Company

Innovative engineering, attention to detail, and a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction are proud hallmarks of our company. Our recorders are in operation around the globe and Wideband is the recognized leader in the ground telemetry recorder market. Wideband endeavors to sustain its record of success and share that success with its customers by listening to their input and feedback, and through perpetual improvement and innovation.


Our Technology & Products

Wideband recorders capture raw signals and instrumentation data in the analog and digital domains for archival, reproduction, and analysis. A range of RF/IF signals are natively recorded and/or demodulated and the extracted digital data recorded. A wide array of standard interfaces and formats in the digital domain is supported via the modular system design that allows interface boards to be exchanged between any model recorder. All data is recorded in IRIG 106 Chapter 10/11 format onto removal RAIDs that can also be interchanged between recorders. Recorded data is faithfully reproduced with accurate timing during playback for analysis via native signal reconstruction or TMoIP over Ethernet.

Our History

Wideband Engineers

The recorders’ innovative modular design and performance accompanied with exemplary customer support soon placed Wideband on a sustained, positive trajectory. The acquisition of Wideband Systems by Delta Information Systems in 2021 and the ensuing technology exchange with its other divisions has extended Wideband’s capabilities. The resultant symbiosis has and continues to foster unique blends of in-house technology generating novel solutions and increased interoperability with other Delta products for our customers.

Wideband Systems was incorporated in 1998 focusing on providing reliable, well-designed, ground telemetry recorders. Over 100 collective years of experience providing innovative solutions to navy programs was applied by our initial engineering team to meet the challenges of the nascent startup. Wideband recorders gradually established toeholds with a core customer base.

Delta Telemetry Systems

Delta Telemetry Systems

In 2021, WSI became part of the Delta Telemetry Systems team. Together, we aim to provide to the telemetry and satcom communities a true end-to-end solution from data acquisition to data display. We look forward to all of the exciting new opportunities to provide amazing telemetry solutions to the world.