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Supporting F-16s & F-35s in South Korea

June 27, 2024

B-1 Bomber Drops Live Munitions in Exercise over South Korea

Delta Information Systems is thrilled to support the critical operations involving the F-16s and F-35s as highlighted in the recent B-1 Bomber exercise over South Korea. Our state-of-the-art solutions are integral in ensuring seamless communication and data transmission for these advanced aircraft during high-stakes missions.

Recap of the Article

On June 5, a B-1 Lancer from the 37th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron executed its first live munitions drop over South Korea in seven years, alongside two Republic of Korea F-15Ks. This exercise, involving the release of live 500-pound GBU-38 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM), showcased the combined forces’ capability to strike multiple targets simultaneously in a contested environment. The drill also featured U.S. Air Force F-16s, Marine Corps F-35Bs, ROK Air Force F-35As, and KF-16s engaging in air-to-air training over the Korean Peninsula, underscoring the importance of precision targeting and strike capabilities.

Lt. Gen. David Iverson emphasized the joint forces’ ability to conduct simultaneous multi-target strikes, while Lt. Col. Christian Hoover highlighted the B-1 fleet’s precision targeting with live weapons in an unfamiliar location. This exercise is part of the extended deterrence commitment between the U.S. and South Korea, reaffirmed during the Defense Ministers’ meeting in Singapore.

Delta Information Systems’ solutions ensure mission-critical operations, like those conducted by the F-16s and F-35s, are supported with the highest quality technology. Our involvement spans multiple critical areas:

  • We provide essential support for weapons testing and operations on multiple bases.
  • Support development and sustainment engineering efforts with TCS, Wideband, GDP, and Acroamatics advanced solutions for acquisition, processing, and recording operations deployed throughout test ranges nationwide.

Our products are designed to perform in the most demanding environments, providing capabilities essential for modern military applications. We are proud to contribute to the effectiveness and success of these operations, enabling precise and reliable performance for the U.S. and allied forces.

Read the full article here for more details on the B-1 Bomber Munition Test.