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Revolutionizing Data Transport

We are happy to announce the release of our latest product in our Ethernet Telemetry Transport Model 235X product line, the Model 2355 Telemetry Gateway.  The Model 2355 is in its second production run and...

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Did You Know?

GDP 44xx Receivers support a 2nd independent Bit Sync input for each receiver channel. In addition to the RF path to the Data/Clock and/or the Ethernet TMoIP Outputs (IRIG 218-20 & Chpt 10), there is...

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How Important is Your Data?

For nearly 50 years, GDP Space Systems has been producing best-in-class products and solutions for signal acquisition, demodulation and data recovery within demanding environments. From world-class Telemetry Receivers and Demodulators to today's latest generation of...

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