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GDP Space Systems Supports New IRIG 218-20 Telemetry Over Internet Protocol

May 7, 2020


GDP Space Systems is pleased to announce that it is one of the first companies to adopt and support the new IRIG 218-20 Telemetry over Internet Protocol (TMoIP). Published in February 2020 by the Telecommunications and Timing Group of the Range Commanders Council, the protocol is an improvement to the previous IRIG 218-10 version issued in 2010. IRIG 218-20 provides ranges with a standards-based solution for the ground transport of serial streaming telemetry data and is intended to improve interoperability and cost competitiveness between vendors. TMoIP technology, in general, provides ranges with support for higher telemetry data rates while improving reliability, redundancy, and fail-over for range data distribution by transmitting serial PCM telemetry data over Internet Protocol (IP) networks such as Ethernet. Solutions scale from simple point-to-point connections to complex systems supporting hundreds of telemetry streams from geographically dispersed locations.

GDP Space Systems’ Model 2350-M2 Telemetry Gateway (TMoIP) and the Model 44XX advanced Digital Telemetry Receiver Series are among the first products to support the new IRIG 218-20 protocol. These models operate in both frame aligned and non-frame aligned modes. Additionally, these products support several proprietary TMoIP formats; the older IRIG 218-10 and IRIG 106 Chapter 10/11 over IP. They also will accept IRIG 106 Chapter 7 PCM streams, strip off the Chapter 7 wrapper, and output IRIG 106 Chapter 10/11 data over IP.

GDP Space Systems has been at the forefront of telemetry data transmission over IP networks since releasing the first product incorporating TMoIP in the 1990’s and continuing the legacy today by providing the range community with cost-effective, interoperable solutions for ground telemetry missions. “Integrating support for IRIG 218-20 into our products confirms our commitment to industry standards and interoperability and maintains our leadership position within TMoIP technology” stated Steve Nicolo, Vice President and General Manager of GDP Space Systems. “We are excited to continue incorporating IRIG 218-20 support into all of our TMoIP enabled products as part of our Network Centric Range Architecture ecosystem.”