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Unlock the Power of the Model 44xx Receiver Line for Exceptional Data Acquisition

May 24, 2023


GDP offers a complete line of Telemetry Receiver products to meet the most challenging data acquisition applications. The GDP Model 44XX receiver product line incorporates unique and advanced diversity combining functions, Ethernet Outputs supporting IRIG 218-20 (a first in the industry), IRIG 106 Chapter 7/10/11 compatibility, and IRIG 106 DQE/DQM Best Source Selection support. These receivers also support baseband and IF output simulation capability, enabling loop-back testing across PCM/FM, BPSK, QPSK, and SOQPSK modulations. Internal simulated output data includes PRN 11, PRN 15 (Pseudorandom Patterns), and the ability to generate programmable IRIG 106 Chapter 4 PCM Minor Frame test streams with adjustable Frame Sync pattern and Minor Frame length. Additionally, the simulator generates Viterbi, Reed-Solomon, LDPC, and Forward Error Correction (FEC).

The Model 44XX product line offers a variety of configurations, including 1U, 2U, and 3U sizes, with options for one, two, and four channels, as well as four-channel receivers with Dual and Quad Diversity (combining 4 RF Inputs). Furthermore, we would like to highlight the Model 4460, a portable tabletop receiver featuring all the functions and features of the larger models. The Model 4460 is ideal for lab testing and flightline applications, offering the convenience of easy portability and the ability to be powered by a laptop external battery pack.

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