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Want More Processor Power? Add a Processor Slice!

December 27, 2017

Acroamatics‘ latest Telemetry Data Processor (TDP) products have been enhanced with a redesigned low latency programmable EU processing and data distribution (or Programmable Data Stream Processor – PDSP) card. The PDSP enables users to compose real-time data processing and data output formatting programs through its onboard library of over 400 advanced EU and data conversion algorithms, sourcing measurement data from any stream input to the host TDP system.

Features include:

  • NEW High Speed EU processing – Complex scaled, derived, and EU converted formats to 4MS/sec streaming
  • NEW Dual PDSP – Doubles aggregate system EU output processing and distribution rates to 8 MS/sec
  • Low Latency, Deterministic, Windows OS Application Independent
  • EU Processing Engine Direct Multi-Stream Networked Data Distribution
  • Derived If / Then / Else, to 7th Order Polynomial, and new advanced streaming Output Data Reformatter /Serializer
  • Integrated Raw and Processed data recording, post-mission playback, and file conversion & export tools