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The Remote Control Software (RCS) package allows operators to “bring their own hardware.” The RCS can be purchased in the Windows 10 or the Red Hat Linux configuration. After an operating system is chosen, the RCS provides remote control over an ethernet connection to any local TCS ACU. It can be the M1, M2, M3, M4, or M4LR.

Once in control, the RCS provides all the functionality of the Local ACU software. All of the Diagnostics Tests, all of the calibrations, and all of the target importing and execution can be done from the RCS.

A configuration file holds all of the IP Addresses of the Local ACUs. On Startup, the RCS will present these Local ACUs to the operator. Upon selection, the ACU will connect to the Local ACU and get its most current configuration. en the operator takes over and begins to control the Local ACU as if they were sitting in front of it.

We also offer USB-based Desktop handwheel devices. Sold separately, this provides the same handwheel experience of sitting in front of a Local ACU.


Key Features

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Software Package for Remote Control of Local ACUs

Node Locked to Single PC

Run on Windows or Linux Class PC

Optional USB Handwheels Simulating Local ACU

Remote Control Via Ethenet Connection

Connect to Multiple TCS Local ACUs via Ethernet

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