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Single Band RF Recorder

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The Wideband DRS9300X RF Recorder is designed to record two RF signals (typically right-hand polarization and left-hand polarization) directly from the multi-coupler (between the antenna and receiver). The recorder provides up to 200MHz of signal BW for each channel (signals sampled at 500MSPS). The DRS9300X employs a modular design such that the recorder can be user-configured for different RF bands by swapping in/out the appropriate RF Board Set (interface boards).

Key Features

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Records up to 200MHz of signal BW for each channel (signals sampled at 500MSPS)

P, L, S, or C Band Recording

16-bit A/D and D/A converters

80+ dB of AGC

Supports 2RFxB interface boards

Up To 24TBs Data Storage HDD

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