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Analog Processor Mezzanine

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The Acroamatics Model 682M is a mezzanine module for the PCIe-bus Model 1635AP Programmable Data Stream Processor telemetry system EU processing and data distribution card. Two configurations of Model 682M are available. Model 682M-8 provides a total of 8 channels of 12-bit D-to-A output. Model 682M-32 provides a total of 32 channels of 12-bit D-to-A output plus 16 channels of 12-bit A-to-D input with a 400 KHz sample rate.


Key Features

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Interfaces to Acroamatics 1635AP PCIe Progarammable Data Stream Processor Card

8 or 32 Discrete Output Configurations

Fiber-optic high-speed serial bus to external DAC devices

“Plug-N-Play” Compatibility with existing Acroamatics Cards

12-bit Resolution

TTL Compatible Discrete Outputs

32 to 400K per second Sampling Rate

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