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The ACU-M4R provides to the operator the full experience of being in front of an ACU-M1 from a remote location. It delivers a 15” color touchscreen and handwheels just like the TCS Model ACU-M1. The chassis itself is about 2” deep making it very portable and easy to use. It can control an ACU-M1, an ACU-M3, or an ACU-M4 remotely.

Remote control is done over ethernet. A bandwidth of 110-140 kb/s is needed for optimum performance. A lightweight protocol is used between the local ACU (connected to the antenna) and the ACU-M4R to keep bandwidth requirements low.

The ACU-M4R can be rack mounted in standard 19” rack or put on a VESA stand, as shown here. The stand shown here is not included with the ACU-M4R.

There is a single USB port in the front for a keyboard or XBox One controller. On the rear there are 2 Gigabit Ethernet Jacks and 2 USB 3.0 ports for further connectivity.


Key Features

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Panel PC with touch-screen interface

Handwheels for Control on Front Panel

Compact Design when Space is at a Premium

Arrow Keys On Screen for Slewing Antenna

Controls Any TCS Local ACU via Ethernet

Ideal For Remote Control Operations

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