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Local Antenna Control Unit 4U w/o Display

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The TCS ACU-M4LR is configured in a 4U form factor with one to two displays (from 15” through 32”) of touch-screen interface. Special application where it can control both Local and up to two Remote Antennas, sequentially. The larger/multiple displays allow more info to be displayed/controlled (Receivers, Spectrum analyzer, Video, etc.)


Key Features

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Control BOTH Local and Up to Two Remote Antennas

Up to 2 Touch-screen Displays, Rotated 90 Degrees

15″ to 32″ Displays for Extended Visibility of Information and Controls

Single Control Interface for Multiple Antennas

Long Contiguous Range Applications with Chain of Antennas Tracking Target

Control Via USB Handwheels or X-Box Controller

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