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Introducing the Upgraded Model 2430D

March 22, 2024

Acroamatics proudly presents the latest update to our rackmount PCM bit sync, the Model 2430D SINGLE/DUAL PCM BIT SYNCHRONIZER. With the recent release of our new dual-channel Model 1631AP PCIe PCM Bit Sync card, the Model 2430D has been revamped to incorporate cutting-edge Cyber compliance, components, and lifecycle performance.

A standout feature of all Delta Telemetry System products is our commitment to a full ten (10) year Useful Lifecycle, eliminating the need for compulsory annual support contracts. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive three (3) year new product warranty.

Designed as a seamless replacement for previous generations of range rackmount PCM bit sync devices, the Model 2430D is perfectly suited for both modernized and legacy range data center and data reduction facility upgrades. Boasting tunable 8 Hz to 40 Mbps bit sync performance, it offers ample margin to meet specifications even in the most demanding data acquisition scenarios.

The Model 2430D ensures fast acquisition/re-acquisition, sync retention, and virtually hands-free operation, requiring minimal operator adjustments to deliver peak performance. Furthermore, integration of the latest component and manufacturing technologies guarantees lower power consumption and faster start and setup times. Upgrade your telemetry system today with the enhanced capabilities of the Model 2430D. Contact us to learn more and experience the difference firsthand.